How Do Cats Like Music

Do Cats Like Music
Do Cats Like Music

Understanding How Do Cats Like Music

Most people think of cats as the aloof and indifferent creatures that require little more than food, water and a comfy couch to call home. But some cats are actually musically talented, and can even play instruments. Some cats have learned to use their paws as a piano, and some have been taught to play the guitar. When it comes to musical talent, some cats are more gifted than others.

My cat started to play piano when I played the music then he is crazy about it. He can’t stay away from my piano. Not all cats appreciate music, but if yours does, you’ll want to know the best genres and artists for kitty ears.

A new study has shown that cats respond to music. They are especially responsive to the same kind of music they prefer in their every day environment, but they also react to new music genres.

Cats’ body language and behavior changes in response to different types of song, and they even produce purring sounds when listening to what they consider pleasant music.

The study involved observing 50 domestic cats as they listened to various genres of classical music. The cats’ reactions were filmed and analyzed by researchers at the University of Tokyo.

What Kind of Music Do Cats Like?

What kind of music do cats like? This is a funny question that many people have wondered about. Cats are mysterious creatures. We know that they enjoy the attention that comes from being pet and stroked, but what other music does a cat like to listen?

Perhals, you may have already noticed that some cats are more musical than others. For instance, my cat loves music, but only certain types of music. He generally appreciates the softer notes of classical and jazz, but he doesn’t like fast-paced music that has lots of beats per minute (BPM).

There’s no research that covers this topic, but for fun, I decided to figure out which genre of music cats would like to hear if they had their own taste in music. I analyzed the features of over 10,000 songs and found that there was a unique pattern in the types of songs that cats like to listen to.

You may have heard that cats prefer certain types of music. It’s an amusing thought, but is it true? Scientific studies have been done on the subject in the past to determine whether or not music really affects the emotions of a cat.

But what are the results? Some people assume that classical music is the best type of music for cats. The theory is that classical music doesn’t contain as much rhythm and harmony as other types of music do, and cats respond better to this bland approach. However, there was one study that found that classical musicians made cat’s ears perk up.

Some of the songs that might make your cat happy include‘-

  1. Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy,
  2. Smooth Jazz Cat by Jazzmeia Horn
  3. Pianissimo from Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”

Do Cats Like Music at Home?

The domestic cat is a curious and playful pet animal. It enjoys all the pleasures of living, from eating tasty foods to relaxing on the sofa like a human being. Cats are also music lovers, but do they like to listen to music at home?

Cats can hear very high frequencies, up to 65 kHz, while humans can only hear up to 20 kHz. Because of this, cats can hear higher-pitched sounds than we can, which makes sense if you consider that the main purpose of their sensitive hearing is hunting and catching prey.

There are a number of old wives tales that cats like music at home. We all want to believe this is true, but how do we know for sure? I decided to find out by conducting an experiment on my own cat. I first recorded myself playing the keyboard and singing in the living room near where my cat was sleeping.

After that, I played a recording of me playing the keyboard and singing from another room. Finally, I played two different recordings of classical music. The results were surprising!

What Music Should You Not Play Near Cats?

Cats can be very finicky creatures, and what may seem like a great song to you can drive your cat up the wall. There are some songs that will annoy your cat and not in a good way. Music is an integral part of our life as it helps us unwind or pump ourselves up for work. But, when it comes to cats, there are some sounds that they truly despise and I would like to share them with you.

As cats are extremely sensitive to sound, their reaction towards the noise is something worth knowing about. Some of the songs that might drive your cat crazy include, Music that has a steady beat, like techno or rap, can cause cats to exhibit aggressive behavior.

If you play music with a steady beat, your cat might become bored and try to find something to do while the music is playing. If there is no one around to pay attention to them, they can get frustrated and lash out when the music stops.

Have you ever wondered what kind of music should never be played near cats, here’s a quick rundown of genres that are particularly dangerous for felines:

  1. Classic rock – This is among the worst kinds of music you can play near cats. Cats must be familiar with this genre before they enjoy them.

Do Cat Like Music Or TV When Left Alone

Do cats like music or TV when they are left alone? As a cat owner, you might consider to leave your pet alone especially when you are going to travel.

While you are gone, how can you make the time for your cat easier? You might think in your mind that stimulate or playing TV shows and music for it to watch or listen. This can help keep your cat entertained as well as provide company for it while you’re away from home but no.

A study done by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has found that cats do not like music and TV when left alone. Cats are more interested in their surroundings than most people think.

The study was conducted with a total of 50 cats. Each cat was put in a room that either had classical music playing or a TV show on mute with the volume turned down. The cats were given treats to see which would be preferable to them.

Although it may have seemed like the TV show won, it actually didn’t win at all. It seems that cats prefer silence over both the TV and music.


As we can see, cats like music, and it’s not just because they hear the sound of our voices. Cats have a very sensitive sense of hearing and can respond to high frequency sounds by purring. They also enjoy listening to certain tones. If your cat meows at you when you play the piano, there is no need to worry about her disliking music!

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