Do Guinea Pigs Like Music

Do Guinea Pigs Like Music? All You Need To Known

Why Do Guinea Pigs Like Music

Guinea pigs has shown that they are highly responsive to music. Their heart rates consistently speed up when they hear fast-paced, energetic music like reggae or rock music.

They can be trained to like music. However, unlike some other animals, they don’t appear to have a preference for any particular type of music.

What they do seem to like is the sound of rhythmic music that they can keep in time with. This study was performed by placing guinea pigs inside a cage divided into two sections by a fence.

When one side of the cage was playing music, the guinea pigs spent significantly more time on that side. The researchers observed that the guinea pigs showed similar behavior when being exposed to human music played on a keyboard or computer.

Relaxing Music for Guinea Pigs

It’s a common misconception that guinea pigs enjoy having music played to them. In fact, they can be quite fussy about the kind of music they like. The best way to find out what music your guinea pig likes is to play different genres and see what makes them relax For example, one of my piggies loved rock music, but my other guinea pig didn’t think much of it.

The Guinea Pig is a very popular pet, but is often misunderstood by its owner. For example, guinea pigs don’t actually like to be squeezed and held in their owners arms. They also enjoy relaxing music.

Pigs in Guinea pig farms are commonly exposed to new situations and unfamiliar people. This causes the poor pigs to get flustered and hyperactive. To help them relax, the farmers like to play music for them. It is believed that classical music can help Guinea pigs relax easier than other types of music.

Calming Guinea Pig Music

Music can be used to calm your guinea pig. Music can be therapeutical, if it is the right kind., we will tell you how can you calm guinea pigs with music and how to determine the right kind of music .

Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals, and calming them down with music is not a new idea. However, it is a very effective one. You don’t have to play the music all the time; 5-10 minutes of it are enough to calm your guinea pig down. The trick is to match your guinea pig’s mood with the music you’re playing.

For instance, if they’re calm but lonely, then play music that makes you feel good. If they’re hyperactive and excited to see you, then play something upbeat and lively.

Is Guinea Pig Music Harmful?

A common question that arises between pet owners is whether or not guinea pig should be played music for, will help you get the answers you need. Most pet owners have their different opinions on whether playing music is good or bad for their pets, but the truth is, they can’t be harmful if used properly.

Playing music to your pet will not cause any adverse effects if done in moderation. When choosing music for your guinea pig, ensureoud Noises are not included in Guinea Pig Music.

What Type Of Music Do Guinea Pigs Like?

Your pets can also benefit from listening to music, especially guinea pigs. Music soothes the soul, and your guinea pig will love you for it. A few years ago, most people had never heard of the term guinea pig.

Nowadays, as more and more people give them a home as their pet, they’re becoming one of the most popular pets in America. It’s clear that owning a guinea pig is no longer thought of as weird or unusual.

Guinea pigs have an affinity for music that is more complex than your average rodent. They can recognize genres, and even individual artists. They enjoy listening to pop music, especially tunes that are just above a whisper.

Scientists have found that guinea pigs prefer to listen to low-frequency music from the 60s and 70s. This makes sense since they evolved in open grasslands where sound travels farther and higher-pitched sounds get blocked out by vegetation.

How Loud Should I Play Music For My Guinea Pigs?

When it comes to guinea pigs, their hearing is sensitive as most other animals, although they can still hear very high pitches. They also react to low frequency sounds like a dog or cat would.

A common question about guinea pig care is how loud should I play music for my guinea pigs?, loud music won’t initially harm your guinea pig’s hearing, but if prolonged loud music over a long period of time can definitely cause some issues to them.

They are considered prey animals, which means that they will naturally be less active when they hear a lot of noise around them and might become stressed or uneasy when around loud noises. Which can cause increased susceptibility to diseases and parasites. Including unable to process vitamin C correctly. This can cause all sorts of nutritional and physical problem.

Are Guinea Pigs Afraid Of Music?

Yes, guinea pigs really do get scared or frightened by music when it is too loud or of a heavy tempo So much so that they’re forced to spin in a circle as they try to flee from the sound.

Other loud noises, fast paced and high frequency sounds. As an owner, you should seek to protect your guinea pig’s vulnerable ears from sounds such as:

  1. Agressive and loud sound
  2. Unexpected loud bangs noise
  3. Door slam noise
  4. Baseline subwoofer
  5. vibrations noise
  6. ringtones, music genres, fire alarms, sirens, etc.),
  7. Sound of your alarm clock
  8. Shouting. of gun or firewals

Should I leave music on for my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are inquisitive animals who generally do not mind having music on, especially if the music is calming and not too loud. Music can be beneficial to guinea pigs by helping them to feel comfortable and happy in their environment, however before you leave your music on for your guinea pig you should make sure that you don’t leave it on for an extended amount of time

This may cause stress for your pet. If there are any signs of distress then you should turn off or lower the volume of the music immediately.

How Do Guinea Pigs React To Music

The best way to gauge whether or not your guinea pig enjoys the sound of music is by closely observing their behaviour. For those of you who have had the chance to observe your guinea pigs interacting with music you may have noticed that they tend to either enjoy it or dislike it.

Those who enjoy the company of music will likely rest comfortably as they listen to it, occasionally sniffing and even vocalising in a happy manner, while those who are irritated by the noise will typically act quite differently.

Guinea pigs use their instincts and natural abilities to help them communicate and understand their surroundings. For example, a fearful guinea pig will produce a warning sound (also known as a ‘chutter’) which is completely normal

it means that it is feeling scared. A happy guinea pig will hum along to the music to show you that they are enjoying the tune. Additionally, they will probably thump their feet along with it too. It’s not unusual for a scared guinea pig, who might be excited by loud noises and other distractions after being let out, to trill or even shriek when it sees you or any new objects or animals in the room.

Many guinea pig owners like to leave music on for their pets, as it can be a great form of enrichment. However, it is important that you consider the implications of doing this, and know how to do it right. Whether your guinea pig likes music or not, and whether you think it would benefit from being exposed to music will depend on your pet and a number of other factors.


Guinea pigs prefer to listen to music and respond positively to it. This may be explained by the fact that guinea pigs have been shown to have a preference for low-pitched sounds.

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