Do Chickens Like Music [ Best experiment]

Do Chickens Like Music
Do Chickens Like Music

It is a fact that there are few things more soothing than the sound of birdsong. However, did you know that chickens can be soothed by music? In fact, they prefer listening to classical or pop music to any other genre.

If you want to get your chooks to sleep and be happy, music is an inescapable part of life. It is impossible to avoid hearing it all day long – or at least, it would seem that way if you were a chicken. However, while most of us would find the constant background noise of our music, chickens too do.

But we never wondered if chickens like music. The idea has never crossed our mind till now. There are speculations that playing classical music to cows increases their milk production, but the same probably doesn’t apply to chickens.

Do Chickens Like Listening To Music?

Chickens are among the most common animals kept as pets. They’re very intelligent, social creatures and make great companions. But like humans, chickens can also suffer from stress and anxiety. So what better way to help relieve their stress than through listening to.

Research conducted shows that on day-old chickens revealed that they prefer particular music than random sounds.

Laying hens who are exposed to music lay comparatively more eggs than their non-music listening counterparts.

It may come as a surprise to some that chickens like listening to music. Many see them as being stupid, but in truth they are intelligent animals.

It’s my guess that they enjoy music as much as we do, or maybe more so. When you put good music on, they will stay in the coop and not wander off; this means a better yield (they’ll lay their eggs) for you.

What Music Do Chickens Like?

It will interest you that research in scientists tested show how different types of music affect chickens. They found that chickens respond very strongly to what they call “pecking music”, which is created by combining upbeat classical music and techno beats.

The researchers tested the effect of pecking music on chickens by putting them in a room with speakers playing it

In fact, they’re highly motivated by it. That’s the conclusion of a new study that suggests chickens are able to distinguish between musical tones and prefer certain ones over the others, just as humans do.

The results suggest that chickens have a level of musical sophistication that has previously been thought to be unique to humans, said Izhak Shafat, a doctoral candidate in neurobiology at the University of Maryland who co-authored the paper published online.

Do Chickens React To Music

Did you know if your chickens react to music? I’m not talking about day-old chicks either. When people bring home female chicks, they will often put them in a box by themselves with a heat lamp and they will peep and pep until they are quiet. This is a sign that they are getting lonely. The same thing happens in a flock too.

If the chickens feel like they need more contact, then they all start to pep because they want some time out with their buddy. If the barks and pecks are persistent, the other chickens will go over there and interact with them. Because of this, it is important that each chicken has their own space within the flock so that when one chicken gets antsy, there isn’t a long waiting list to get back into the group.

Chickens like or dislike music in different ways. They might even be indifferent to music, some do not react at all. When chickens like or dislike something, they make their feelings known.

They can become very excited and animated with a good piece of music, especially if they have never heard it before. On the other hand, they can become angry or distressed by certain types of music. so basically there is symptoms that chickens react yo music.

How Calm And Curious can Chickens be with music

Curious chickens are happier chickens, and the best way to make them curious is to play music for them. While playing soothing music, you can observe the behavior of your chickens and come up with a conclusion for yourself.

It is believed that music has a positive effect on mood, especially if it is soft and soothing. And when chickens are in an upbeat mood, they tend to engage in exploratory behaviors such as pecking at new things and looking around at everything.

On the other hand, chickens might lower their clucking, and slow down their movements and approach the source music to sniff on it. This equally shows that they like music and curious about it, so consider playing music that they like more often as it will keep them happy, relaxed, and productive.

Do Chickens Lay More Eggs With Music

One of the most common questions that are asked around the world is whether music affect the productivity of chicken or not. Chickens are quite sensitive to music, and it has an effect on their egg laying rate.

Research shows that chickens kept in silence had lower reproductive rates than those played music for. They found out that “chickens kept under typical commercial conditions with continuous lighting and ambient noise showed a significant increase in laying rate.”

The study also concluded that playing music to chickens is a useful tool for keeping them stimulated, which will help them lay more eggs. The best music to play for chickens is “fast-beat, high-intensity dance music with a strong rhythm,” according to researchers.

Do baby Chickens Like Music

As a fun fact, it is commonly believed that baby chickens don’t have the ability to hear very well. but can sense sounds and noises in their environment, but they cannot hear sounds as well as humans and other baby animals. When a human plays music for a baby chicken, it doesn’t seem to really react or respond to the music. It will continue about its business, which is eating or sleeping. However, one thing that seems to grab their attention is when you touch them.

Do Chickens like singing

Chickens like singing, but only if the song is a familiar one. That is the conclusion of an experiment to see whether or not chickens are capable of recognizing and enjoying music.

I have asked several chicken farmers this question and they all agree with one thing, yes chickens like to sing songs. So let me tell you why? Because it makes them feel happy and gives them a sense of enjoyment.

Just like humans the main objective of any living being is to be happy. If a human does not get happiness from any source, he/she will try everything possible to get happiness. Same goes for chickens. They were designed by God to be happy. So if they do not get happiness in one way then they can get it in another way.

Chickens react to different kind of music

A team of scientists wanted to find out whether chickens have different preferences when it comes to music. In an attempt to determine their musical leanings, they hand-raised an entire flock of chickens and played a variety of music for them. Only to find out that they react more to particular music

The chickens Favorite sounds are high-pitched sounds with fast tempos (think “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley & His Comets). They react negatively to low-pitched sounds and slow tempos.

Final thought

We all know that music is enjoyed universally by both humans and animals, chickens included. Studies done by the University of Georgia show that birds are very sensitive to sounds and notes in music.

The positive effect is shown by the increase in the production of eggs. Chickens are sentient beings, just like humans and other animals, which means they can feel pleasure when listening to music.

There are many structural similarities between cow and chicken brains. This is why it’s no surprise that chickens can enjoy the same pleasures with music as we do. In addition to their pleasure, they also feel comfort in music. The positive effect of music is very apparent in chickens

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